• Daniel Wildberger

    Daniel Wildberger

  • Duck Like

    Duck Like

  • Editors, ACM Interactions

    Editors, ACM Interactions

    Editors in Chief of ACM Interactions magazine. Daniela Rosner, Alex Taylor and Mikael Wiberg

  • Daria Soroka

    Daria Soroka

    UX/UI design enthusiast. Former high-tech marketeer. Based in Helsinki, Finland

  • Bettina Kast

    Bettina Kast

    Designer, thinker, coffee monster, happy

  • Jessica Bautista

    Jessica Bautista

  • Lex Trukhin

    Lex Trukhin

    👋 I’m a Product Designer, UX Scientist, Software Engineer. I design, code, research, analyze, manage, advertise, test, and iterate. My website: lextrukhin.com

  • Jonathon Colman

    Jonathon Colman

    Senior design manager at Hubspot. Ex-Intercom and Facebook. Working on the web since 1994, grumpy it’s not done yet. Always listening.

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